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FRIENDSHIP, noun. (uncountable) The condition of being friends.
FRIENDSHIP, noun. (countable) A friendly relationship, or a relationship as friends.
FRIENDSHIP, noun. (uncountable) Good will.
FRIENDSHIP BENCH, noun. A bench in a grade school's public area meant for a child on free time in need of someone to talk with, and whoever joins him there for that reason.
FRIENDSHIP BENCHES, noun. Plural of friendship bench
FRIENDSHIP BRACELET, noun. A type of handmade bracelet given to friends
FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS, noun. Plural of friendship bracelet
FRIENDSHIP STORE, noun. A state-run store in the People's Republic of China which initially sold exclusively to tourists, foreigners, diplomats, and government officials, but now has no restrictions on customers.
FRIENDSHIP STORES, noun. Plural of friendship store
FRIENDSHIP WITH BENEFITS, noun. (idiomatic) (euphemistic) A friendship where the partners engage in sexual activities, but do not consider themselves a couple.

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FRIENDSHIP, noun. The state of being friends (or friendly).

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