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STRAINED, adjective. Forced through a strainer.
STRAINED, adjective. Under tension; tense.
STRAINED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of strain
STRAINED SILICON, noun. A layer of silicon atoms deposited onto a substrate of silicon germanium constrained to be wider apart than normal; this decreases resistance and increases performance when made into a chip.

Dictionary definition

STRAINED, adjective. Lacking natural ease; "a labored style of debating".
STRAINED, adjective. Showing signs of mental and emotional tension; "her voice was strained as she asked the question".
STRAINED, adjective. Lacking spontaneity; not natural; "a constrained smile"; "forced heartiness"; "a strained smile".
STRAINED, adjective. Struggling for effect; "agonistic poses".

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