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RELATIONSHIP, noun. Connection or association; the condition of being related.
RELATIONSHIP, noun. Kinship; being related by blood or marriage.
RELATIONSHIP, noun. A romantic or sexual involvement.
RELATIONSHIP, noun. A way in which two or more people behave and are involved with each other
RELATIONSHIP, noun. (music) The level or degree of affinity between keys, chords and tones.
RELATIONSHIP ANARCHY, noun. The practice of forming relationships unbound by societal rules or categories.

Dictionary definition

RELATIONSHIP, noun. A relation between people; (`relationship' is often used where `relation' would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment', but the preferred usage of `relationship' is for human relations or states of relatedness); "the relationship between mothers and their children".
RELATIONSHIP, noun. A state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection); "he didn't want his wife to know of the relationship".
RELATIONSHIP, noun. A state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries.
RELATIONSHIP, noun. (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption.

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