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RELATIONAL, adjective. Relating to relations.
RELATIONAL, adjective. Kind-hearted, friendly, sociable, peacemaker.
RELATIONAL, adjective. (computing) A database technology using tables and the principles set forth by Dr. Edgar F. Codd. (Contrary to popular notion, "relation" in this context refers to tables, and not linkages.)
RELATIONAL ANTONYM, noun. (semantics) A term that, together with another term, forms a pair of opposite role names in a relationship, such as parent and child.
RELATIONAL DATABASE, noun. (databases) A database consisting of separate tables, having explicitly defined relationships, and whose elements may be selectively combined as the results of queries.
RELATIONAL DATABASES, noun. Plural of relational database
RELATIONAL MODEL, noun. (databases) A database model that is based on first-order predicate logic.
RELATIONAL MODELS, noun. Plural of relational model

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RELATIONAL, adjective. Having a relation or being related.

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