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CUBE, noun. (geometry) A regular polyhedron having six identical square faces.
CUBE, noun. Any object more or less in the form of a cube.
CUBE, noun. (mathematics) The third power of a number, value, term or expression.
CUBE, noun. (computing) A data structure consisting of a three-dimensional array; a data cube
CUBE, verb. (transitive) (arithmetic) To raise to the third power; to determine the result of multiplying by itself twice.
CUBE, verb. (transitive) To form into the shape of a cube.
CUBE, verb. (transitive) To cut into cubes.
CUBE, verb. (UK) to use a Rubik's cube.
CUBE, noun. A cubicle, especially one of those found in offices.
CUBE FARM, noun. A large group of cubicles, or a building, campus, or area abundant in them.
CUBE FARMS, noun. Plural of cube farm
CUBE OUT, verb. To reach the volume limit of a container.
CUBE ROOT, noun. (mathematics) Of a number or expression, a number or expression the cube of which is equal to the given number or expression.
CUBE ROOTS, noun. Plural of cube root
CUBE STEAK, noun. A tenderized cut of beef, usually top round or top sirloin, used for example in chicken-fried steak.
CUBE STEAKS, noun. Plural of cube steak
CUBE VAN, noun. (chiefly Canadian) A truck with a blocky cargo compartment.
CUBE WITH HANDLES, noun. (topology) A three-dimensional handlebody

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CUBE, noun. A hexahedron with six equal squares as faces.
CUBE, noun. A three-dimensional shape with six square or rectangular sides.
CUBE, noun. The product of three equal terms.
CUBE, noun. Any of several tropical American woody plants of the genus Lonchocarpus whose roots are used locally as a fish poison and commercially as a source of rotenone.
CUBE, noun. A block in the (approximate) shape of a cube.
CUBE, verb. Raise to the third power.
CUBE, verb. Cut into cubes; "cube the cheese".

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