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DIMENSIONAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to dimensions.
DIMENSIONAL, adjective. (comparable) Having dimension or dimensions; three-dimensional.
DIMENSIONAL, adjective. (mathematics) Appended to cardinal numbers or algebraic symbols to form adjectives meaning "having the stated number of dimensions".
DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS, noun. (physics) The study of the dimensions of physical quantities; used to obtain information about large complex systems, and as a means of checking mathematical and physics equations.
DIMENSIONAL LUMBER, noun. (US) Lumber that is finished/planed and cut to standardized width and depth specified in inches.
DIMENSIONAL SHINGLE, noun. (roofing) A shingle that is textured, overlayed, or laminated and designed to produce a three-dimensional effect.
DIMENSIONAL STABILITY, noun. The degree to which a material maintains its original dimensions when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity.
DIMENSIONAL STONE, noun. Dimension stone.

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DIMENSIONAL, adjective. Of or relating to dimensions.
DIMENSIONAL, adjective. Having dimension--the quality or character or stature proper to a person; "never matures as a dimensional character; he is pasty, bland, faceless"- Norman Cousins.

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