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THREE, noun. The digit/figure 3.
THREE, noun. Anything measuring three units, as length.
THREE, noun. A person who is three years old.
THREE, noun. The playing card featuring three pips.
THREE, noun. (basketball) Abbreviation of three-pointer.
THREE CARD BRAG, noun. (chiefly British) A card game somewhat like a simplified form of poker, and one of poker's several ancestors.
THREE CHEERS, interjection. An exclamation of congratulations, usually followed by "hip hip hooray"
THREE DAY EVENTING, noun. (sports) A three-phase equestrian sport consisting of dressage, cross country, and show jumping.
THREE DAY SICKNESS, noun. (informal) An insect borne cattle disease, bovine ephemeral fever.
THREE G'S, noun. God, guns and gays, as wedge issues
THREE GUYS IN A GARAGE, noun. (set phrase) A small, agile group of startup innovators with a big idea, passion, and modest resources.
THREE HALFPENCE, noun. (history of numismatics) A silver coin with a face value of 1½d.:
THREE HALFPENCE, noun. Such an English coin (1½d.), minted 1561–1582.
THREE HALFPENCE, noun. Such a British coin (1½d. = £⅟₁₆₀), minted 1834–1843 and 1860–1862 for circulation in the colonies of the British Empire (chiefly Ceylon and the West Indies).
THREE HALFPENCE, noun. (dated) (UK) A money of account equal to 1½d.
THREE HOTS AND A COT, noun. (slang) prison
THREE HOTS AND A COT, noun. (slang) shelter
THREE KINGS' CAKE, noun. King cake
THREE KINGS' CAKES, noun. Plural of three kings' cake
THREE L, noun. A law student in his or her third (and usually final) year of law school.
THREE L, adjective. Of or pertaining to the third year of law school.
THREE O'CLOCK, noun. The start of the fourth hour of the day in both the 12-hour and the 24-hour clock; 3:00.
THREE OF A KIND, noun. (card games) A hand including three cards of the same rank.
THREE R'S, noun. Misspelling of three Rs.
THREE RING CIRCUS, noun. Alternative form of three-ring circus
THREE RIVERS, proper noun. Nickname of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, North America)
THREE RIVERS, proper noun. Nickname of Trois Rivieres (Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, North America)
THREE RS, noun. The basic education received in primary schools. Literally; reading, writing and arithmetic.
THREE RS, noun. The basic education any child can expect to receive, but not necessarily limited to reading, writing and arithmetic.
THREE RS, noun. (idiomatic) The basic precepts of any subject matter.
THREE SCORE AND TEN, noun. (somewhat dated) (idiomatic) Seventy, being the number of years in a full lifetime of traditionally-expected duration.
THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND, adjective. (idiomatic) Drunk.
THREE SKIPS OF A LOUSE, adverb. (idiomatic) said about some trifling or insignificant matter
THREE STOOGES, noun. Three stupid people.
THREE TOGETHERS, noun. In Maoism, a policy stating that peasants should eat together, live together, and labour together.
THREE TRUE OUTCOMES, noun. (baseball) The three results of a plate appearance that do not involve the fielders: home runs, walks, and strikeouts.
THREE UP, THREE DOWN, noun. (baseball) To record three outs in an inning without allowing a batter to reach first base.
THREE WISE MEN, noun. (poker slang) three of a kind kings

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THREE, noun. The cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one.
THREE, noun. One of four playing cards in a deck having three pips.
THREE, adjective. Being one more than two.

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