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FIFTH, adjective. The ordinal form of the number five.
FIFTH, noun. The person or thing in the fifth position.
FIFTH, noun. One of five equal parts of a whole.
FIFTH, noun. The fifth gear of an engine.
FIFTH, noun. A quantity of liquor equal to one-fifth of a gallon, or, more commonly, 750 milliliters.
FIFTH, noun. The musical interval between one note and another five tones higher.
FIFTH, noun. The fifth voice in a polyphonic melody.
FIFTH, proper noun. (chiefly US) (informal) (with the) The Fifth Amendment.
FIFTH, proper noun. (chiefly US) (informal) (with the) (by extension) The right not to give self-incriminating testimony.
FIFTH, proper noun. (chiefly US) Fifth Avenue.
FIFTH, proper noun. (chiefly US) Fifth Street.
FIFTH AMENDMENT, proper noun. The fifth amendment to the United States Constitution.
FIFTH COLUMN, noun. (dated) A group of people which clandestinely undermines a larger group, such as a nation, to which it is expected to be loyal.
FIFTH COLUMNIST, noun. Someone who belongs to a group that secretly undermines another organization
FIFTH COUSIN, noun. Any of a number of people who have a common great, great, great, great-grandparent.
FIFTH CRANIAL NERVE, noun. (anatomy) trigeminal nerve
FIFTH CRANIAL NERVES, noun. Plural of fifth cranial nerve
FIFTH DISEASE, noun. (disease) The manifestation as rashes of an infection by erythrovirus.
FIFTH FREEDOM RIGHTS, noun. The right of an airline of one country to land in a different country, pick up passengers, and carry them on to a third country.
FIFTH GEAR, noun. The fifth and typically highest gear of an engine.
FIFTH GEARS, noun. Plural of fifth gear
FIFTH GRADE, noun. (US) (education) The period in school that comes after fourth grade and before sixth grade.
FIFTH GRADES, noun. Plural of fifth grade
FIFTH NORMAL FORM, noun. (databases) A stage in the normalization of a relational database in which a database is in fourth normal form and every join dependency is implied by the candidate keys.
FIFTH QUARTER, noun. The hide and fat of a butchered animal, regarded as separate from the meat.
FIFTH SLIP, noun. (cricket) The slip fielding position beyond the fourth slip.
FIFTH SLIPS, noun. Plural of fifth slip
FIFTH WHEEL, noun. A type of trailer hitch, which consists of a horseshoe-shaped plate on a multi-directional pivot, with a locking pin to couple with the kingpin of a truck trailer.
FIFTH WHEEL, noun. A very large truck trailer; an 18-wheeler.
FIFTH WHEEL, noun. A very large trailer that is towed with a pickup truck.
FIFTH WHEEL, noun. A horizontal wheel or segment above the fore axle of a carriage and beneath the body, forming an extended support to prevent careening.
FIFTH WHEEL, noun. (idiomatic) Anything superfluous or unnecessary.
FIFTH WHEELS, noun. Plural of fifth wheel

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FIFTH, noun. A quantity of liquor equal to one fifth of a United States gallon.
FIFTH, noun. Position five in a countable series of things; "he was fifth out of several hundred runners".
FIFTH, noun. One part in five equal parts.
FIFTH, noun. The musical interval between one note and another five notes away from it.
FIFTH, adjective. Coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position.

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