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CONGRESS, noun. (archaic) A coming together of two or more people; a meeting.
CONGRESS, noun. A formal gathering or assembly; a conference held to discuss or decide on a specific question.
CONGRESS, noun. (often capitalized: Congress) A legislative body of a state, originally the bicameral legislature of the United States of America.
CONGRESS, noun. An association, especially one consisting of other associations or representatives of interest groups.
CONGRESS, noun. Coitus; sexual intercourse.
CONGRESS, proper noun. The two legislative bodies of the United States: the House of Representatives, and the Senate.
CONGRESS, proper noun. (US) A two-year session of these bodies, commencing after a Federal election and ending before the next one.
CONGRESS, proper noun. A village in Ohio.

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CONGRESS, noun. The legislature of the United States government.
CONGRESS, noun. A meeting of elected or appointed representatives.
CONGRESS, noun. A national legislative assembly.
CONGRESS, noun. The act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

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