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VESTED, adjective. (legal) Settled, fixed or absolute, with no contingencies.
VESTED, adjective. Dressed or clothed, especially in vestments.
VESTED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of vest
VESTED INTEREST, noun. (legal) a right or title that can be conveyed
VESTED INTEREST, noun. A fixed right granted to an employee, especially under a pension plan
VESTED INTEREST, noun. A stake, often financial, in a particular outcome
VESTED INTEREST, noun. A group of people or organizations with such a stake
VESTED INTEREST, noun. An exceptionally strong interest in protecting or promoting something to one's own advantage
VESTED INTERESTS, noun. Plural of vested interest
VESTED INTERESTS, noun. Those groups that seek to control an existing system or activity from which they derive benefit
VESTED REMAINDER, noun. (legal) A future interest in an estate in land which is certain to vest at some future point.
VESTED REMAINDER SUBJECT TO OPEN, noun. (legal) A future interest held by a member of a class, for which the interest is certain to vest, but for which new members may enter the class before the interest vests, thereby reducing each members share of the total interest.
VESTED REMAINDERS, noun. Plural of vested remainder
VESTED REMAINDERS SUBJECT TO OPEN, noun. Plural of vested remainder subject to open
VESTED SCHOOL, noun. (Ireland) A national school built by the aid of grants from the board of Commissioners of National Education and secured for educational purposes by leases to the commissioners themselves, or to the commissioners and the trustees.
VESTED SCHOOLS, noun. Plural of vested school

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VESTED, adjective. Fixed and absolute and without contingency; "a vested right".

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