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DECLARE, verb. (obsolete) (transitive) To make clear, explain, interpret.
DECLARE, verb. (intransitive) To make a declaration.
DECLARE, verb. (transitive) To announce one’s support, choice, opinion, etc.
DECLARE, verb. (intransitive) (cricket) For the captain of the batting side to announce the innings complete even though all batsmen have not been dismissed.
DECLARE, verb. (transitive) To announce something formally or officially.
DECLARE, verb. (intransitive) (politics) For a constituency in an election to officially announce the result
DECLARE, verb. (transitive) To affirm or state something emphatically.
DECLARE, verb. (transitive) To inform government customs or taxation officials of goods one is importing or of income, expenses, or other circumstances affecting one's taxes.
DECLARE, verb. (transitive) To make outstanding debts, e.g. taxes, payable.
DECLARE, verb. (transitive) (computing) To explicitly include (a variable) as part of a list of variables, often providing some information about the data it is expected to contain.
DECLARE WAR, verb. (of a governmental authority) To make a formal pronouncement, or sign a legal document, that initiates a state of war between one nation and another, usually before hostilities begin.

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DECLARE, verb. State emphatically and authoritatively; "He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with".
DECLARE, verb. Announce publicly or officially; "The President declared war".
DECLARE, verb. State firmly; "He declared that he was innocent".
DECLARE, verb. Declare to be; "She was declared incompetent"; "judge held that the defendant was innocent".
DECLARE, verb. Authorize payments of; "declare dividends".
DECLARE, verb. Designate (a trump suit or no-trump) with the final bid of a hand.
DECLARE, verb. Make a declaration (of dutiable goods) to a customs official; "Do you have anything to declare?".
DECLARE, verb. Proclaim one's support, sympathy, or opinion for or against; "His wife declared at once for moving to the West Coast".

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