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PARCEL, noun. A package wrapped for shipment.
PARCEL, noun. An individual consignment of cargo for shipment, regardless of size and form.
PARCEL, noun. A division of land bought and sold as a unit.
PARCEL, noun. (obsolete) A group of birds.
PARCEL, noun. An indiscriminate or indefinite number, measure, or quantity; a collection; a group.
PARCEL, noun. A small amount of food that has been wrapped up, for example a pastry.
PARCEL, noun. A portion of anything taken separately; a fragment of a whole; a part.
PARCEL, verb. To wrap something up into the form of a package.
PARCEL, verb. To wrap a strip around the end of a rope.
PARCEL, verb. To divide and distribute by parts or portions; often with out or into.
PARCEL, verb. To add a parcel or item to; to itemize.
PARCEL, adverb. (obsolete) Part or half; in part; partially.
PARCEL BOMB, noun. A bomb, disguised as a parcel, set to explode when unwrapped
PARCEL BOMBS, noun. Plural of parcel bomb
PARCEL GILT, adjective. Partially gilded, especially on the inner side only. [from 15th c.]
PARCEL GILT, noun. Merchandise that is partially gilded; a partly gilded object.
PARCEL OUT, verb. (idiomatic) To divide into portions or chunks; to ration.
PARCEL POST, noun. A postal service involving the shipping of parcels.

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PARCEL, noun. A wrapped container.
PARCEL, noun. The allotment of some amount by dividing something; "death gets more than its share of attention from theologians".
PARCEL, noun. An extended area of land.
PARCEL, noun. A collection of things wrapped or boxed together.
PARCEL, verb. Divide into parts; "The developers parceled the land".
PARCEL, verb. Cover with strips of canvas; "parcel rope".
PARCEL, verb. Make into a wrapped container.

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