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UNDO, verb. To reverse the effects of an action.
UNDO, verb. To unfasten.
UNDO, verb. (figuratively) to be heading for or to cause a downfall
UNDO, adjective. Misspelling of undue.

Dictionary definition

UNDO, verb. Cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect; "I wish I could undo my actions".
UNDO, verb. Deprive of certain characteristics.
UNDO, verb. Cause the ruin or downfall of; "A single mistake undid the President and he had to resign".
UNDO, verb. Cause to become loose; "undo the shoelace"; "untie the knot"; "loosen the necktie".
UNDO, verb. Remove the outer cover or wrapping of; "Let's unwrap the gifts!"; "undo the parcel".

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