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BRAID, verb. (obsolete) (transitive) To make a sudden movement with, to jerk.
BRAID, verb. (archaic) (intransitive) To start into motion.
BRAID, verb. (transitive) To weave together, intertwine (strands of fibers, ribbons, etc.); to arrange (hair) in braids.
BRAID, verb. To mix, or make uniformly soft, by beating, rubbing, or straining, as in preparing food.
BRAID, verb. (obsolete) To reproach; to upbraid.
BRAID, noun. (obsolete) A sudden movement; a jerk, a wrench. [11th-17thc.]
BRAID, noun. A weave of three or more strands of fibers, ribbons, cords or hair often for decoration. [from 16thc.]
BRAID, noun. A fancy; freak; caprice.
BRAID, adjective. (obsolete) deceitful
BRAID GROUP, noun. (group theory) a group whose elements represent ways to weave some number of strings into braids
BRAID GROUPS, noun. Plural of braid group
BRAID STATISTICS, noun. (math) (physics) A generalization of the statistics of bosons and fermions based on the concept of braid group.

Dictionary definition

BRAID, noun. A hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair.
BRAID, noun. Trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains.
BRAID, verb. Make by braiding or interlacing; "lace a tablecloth".
BRAID, verb. Decorate with braids or ribbons; "braid a collar".
BRAID, verb. Form or weave into a braid or braids; "braid hair".

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