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CURL, noun. A piece or lock of curling hair; a ringlet.
CURL, noun. A curved stroke or shape.
CURL, noun. A spin making the trajectory of an object curve.
CURL, noun. (curling) Movement of a moving rock away from a straight line.
CURL, noun. (weightlifting) Any exercise performed by bending the arm, wrist, or leg on the exertion against resistance, especially those that train the biceps.
CURL, noun. (calculus) The vector field denoting the rotationality of a given vector field.
CURL, noun. (calculus) (proper noun) The vector operator, denoted \(\rm{curl}\;\) or \(\vec{\nabla}\times\vec{\left(\cdot\right)}\), that generates this field.
CURL, noun. (agriculture) Any of various diseases of plants causing the leaves or shoots to curl up; often specifically the potato curl.
CURL, noun. (music) (chiefly lutherie) The contrasting light and dark figure seen in wood used for stringed instrument making; the flame.
CURL, verb. (transitive) To cause to move in a curve.
CURL, verb. (transitive) To make into a curl or spiral.
CURL, verb. (intransitive) To assume the shape of a curl or spiral.
CURL, verb. (intransitive) To move in curves.
CURL, verb. (intransitive) (curling) To take part in the sport of curling.
CURL, verb. (transitive) (weightlifting) To exercise by bending the arm, wrist, or leg on the exertion against resistance, especially of the biceps.
CURL, verb. To twist or form (the hair, etc.) into ringlets.
CURL, verb. To deck with, or as if with, curls; to ornament.
CURL, verb. To raise in waves or undulations; to ripple.
CURL, verb. (hat-making) To shape (the brim of a hat) into a curve.
CURL SOMEONE'S HAIR, verb. (idiomatic) To frighten, dismay, or excite someone thoroughly .
CURL UP, verb. (transitive) (of hair) to curl, make curly, shape into curls
CURL UP, verb. (intransitive) to become curly
CURL UP, verb. (transitive) to coil or shrivel, make into a coil
CURL UP, verb. (intransitive) to become coiled or shriveled
CURL UP, verb. (intransitive) to shape one's body into a somewhat ball-like shape, with one's legs tucked into the abdomen, especially for cosiness or for protection.

Dictionary definition

CURL, noun. A round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals).
CURL, noun. American chemist who with Richard Smalley and Harold Kroto discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1933).
CURL, noun. A strand or cluster of hair.
CURL, verb. Form a curl, curve, or kink; "the cigar smoke curled up at the ceiling".
CURL, verb. Shape one's body into a curl; "She curled farther down under the covers"; "She fell and drew in".
CURL, verb. Wind around something in coils or loops.
CURL, verb. Twist or roll into coils or ringlets; "curl my hair, please".
CURL, verb. Play the Scottish game of curling.

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