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CRISP, adjective. (of something seen or heard) Sharp, clearly defined.
CRISP, adjective. (dated) Curling in stiff curls or ringlets.
CRISP, adjective. (obsolete) Curled by the ripple of water.
CRISP, adjective. Brittle; friable; in a condition to break with a short, sharp fracture.
CRISP, adjective. Possessing a certain degree of firmness and freshness; in a fresh, unwilted condition.
CRISP, adjective. Of weather, air etc.: dry and cold.
CRISP, adjective. (of movement, action, etc.) Quick and accurate.
CRISP, adjective. (of talk, text, etc.) Brief and to the point. (Esp. in make it crisp.)
CRISP, adjective. (obsolete) Lively; sparking; effervescing.
CRISP, adjective. Brisk; crackling; cheerful; lively.
CRISP, adjective. Of wine: having a refreshing amount of acidity; having less acidity than green wine, but more than a flabby one.
CRISP, noun. (British) A thin slice of fried potato eaten as a snack.
CRISP, verb. (transitive) To make crisp.
CRISP, verb. (intransitive) To become crisp.
CRISP, verb. (transitive) (dated) To curl; to form into ringlets, as hair, or the nap of cloth; to interweave, as the branches of trees.
CRISP, verb. (intransitive) (archaic) To undulate or ripple.
CRISP, verb. (transitive) (archaic) To cause to undulate irregularly, as crape or water; to wrinkle; to cause to ripple.
CRISP BREAD, noun. Alternative spelling of crispbread.

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CRISP, noun. A thin crisp slice of potato fried in deep fat.
CRISP, verb. Make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface; make a pressed, folded or wrinkled line in; "The dress got wrinkled"; "crease the paper like this to make a crane".
CRISP, verb. Make brown and crisp by heating; "toast bread"; "crisp potatoes".
CRISP, adjective. (of something seen or heard) clearly defined; "a sharp photographic image"; "the sharp crack of a twig"; "the crisp snap of dry leaves underfoot".
CRISP, adjective. Tender and brittle; "crisp potato chips".
CRISP, adjective. Pleasantly cold and invigorating; "crisp clear nights and frosty mornings"; "a nipping wind"; "a nippy fall day"; "snappy weather".
CRISP, adjective. Pleasingly firm and fresh; "crisp lettuce".
CRISP, adjective. (of hair) in small tight curls.
CRISP, adjective. Brief and to the point; effectively cut short; "a crisp retort"; "a response so curt as to be almost rude"; "the laconic reply; `yes'"; "short and terse and easy to understand".

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