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RIPE, adjective. Ready for reaping or gathering; having attained perfection; mature; -- said of fruits, seeds, etc.; as, ripe grain.
RIPE, adjective. Advanced to the state of fitness for use; mellow; as, ripe cheese; ripe wine.
RIPE, adjective. (figuratively) Having attained its full development; mature; perfected; consummate.
RIPE, adjective. (archaic) Maturated or suppurated; ready to discharge; -- said of sores, tumors, etc.
RIPE, adjective. Ready for action or effect; prepared.
RIPE, adjective. Like ripened fruit in ruddiness and plumpness.
RIPE, adjective. (obsolete) Intoxicated.
RIPE, adjective. (legal) Of a conflict between parties, having developed to a stage where the conflict may be reviewed by a court of law.
RIPE, adjective. Smelly: having a disagreeable odor.
RIPE, noun. (agriculture) A fruit or vegetable which has ripened.
RIPE, verb. To ripen or mature
RIPE, noun. The bank of a river.
RIPE, noun. Réseaux IP Européens, French for European IP Networks

Dictionary definition

RIPE, adjective. Fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used; "ripe peaches"; "full-bodied mature wines".
RIPE, adjective. Fully prepared or eager; "the colonists were ripe for revolution".
RIPE, adjective. Most suitable or right for a particular purpose; "a good time to plant tomatoes"; "the right time to act"; "the time is ripe for great sociological changes".
RIPE, adjective. At the highest point of development especially in judgment or knowledge; "a ripe mind".
RIPE, adjective. Far along in time; "a man of advanced age"; "advanced in years"; "a ripe old age"; "the ripe age of 90".

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