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CAPSULE, noun. (physiology) A membranous envelope.
CAPSULE, noun. (botany) A type of simple, dehiscent, dry fruit (seed-case) produced by many species of flowering plants, such as poppy, lily, orchid, willow and cotton.
CAPSULE, noun. (botany) A sporangium, especially in bryophytes.
CAPSULE, noun. A detachable part of a rocket or spacecraft (usually in the nose) containing the crew's living space.
CAPSULE, noun. (pharmacy) A small container containing a dose of medicine.
CAPSULE, noun. (dialectal) (UK) (Suffolk) A weasel.
CAPSULE, noun. (attributively) (figuratively) in a brief, condensed or compact form
CAPSULE, noun. (winemaking) The covering — formerly lead or tin, now often plastic — over the cork at the top of the wine bottle.
CAPSULE, noun. (chemistry) (dated) A small clay saucer for roasting or melting samples of ores, etc.; a scorifier.
CAPSULE, noun. A small, shallow evaporating dish, usually of porcelain.
CAPSULE, noun. A small cup or shell, often of metal, for a percussion cap, cartridge, etc.
CAPSULE HOTEL, noun. A type of hotel with a number of very small "rooms" (capsules).
CAPSULE REVIEW, noun. (chiefly journalism) A short critique  — ranging anywhere from a single sentence to a few hundred words in length — of a specified artistic work.

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CAPSULE, noun. A small container.
CAPSULE, noun. A pill in the form of a small rounded gelatinous container with medicine inside.
CAPSULE, noun. A dry dehiscent seed vessel or the spore-containing structure of e.g. mosses.
CAPSULE, noun. A shortened version of a written work.
CAPSULE, noun. A structure that encloses a body part.
CAPSULE, noun. A spacecraft designed to transport people and support human life in outer space.
CAPSULE, noun. A pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency; then the pilot descends by parachute.
CAPSULE, verb. Enclose in a capsule.
CAPSULE, verb. Put in a short or concise form; reduce in volume; "capsulize the news".

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