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CANISTER, noun. A cylindrical or rectangular container usually of lightweight metal, plastic, or laminated pasteboard used for holding a dry product (as tea, crackers, flour, matches).
CANISTER, noun. Any of various cylindrical metal receptacles usually with a removable close-fitting top.
CANISTER, noun. A special short range antipersonnel projectile consisting of a casing of light metal, loaded with preformed submissiles such as flechettes or steel balls. The casing is designed to open just beyond the muzzle of the weapon, dispersing the submissiles.
CANISTER, noun. A component of canister type protective mask containing a mechanical filter and chemical filling to filter, neutralize and/or absorb toxic chemical, biological and radiological agents.
CANISTER, noun. A projectile component containing colored or screening smoke or riot control agent composition.
CANISTER SHOT, noun. An anti-personnel ammunition consisting of a cylindrical canister filled with round lead or iron balls.

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CANISTER, noun. A metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm.
CANISTER, noun. Metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour.

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