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JOLT, verb. (transitive) To push or shake abruptly and roughly.
JOLT, verb. (transitive) To knock sharply; to deal a blow to.
JOLT, verb. (transitive) To shock (someone) into taking action or being alert; as, to jolt someone out of complacency
JOLT, verb. (transitive) To shock emotionally.
JOLT, verb. (intransitive) To shake; to move with a series of jerks.
JOLT, noun. An act of jolting.
JOLT, noun. A surprise or shock.
JOLT, noun. (slang) A long prison sentence.
JOLT, noun. (slang) A narcotic injection.

Dictionary definition

JOLT, noun. A sudden jarring impact; "the door closed with a jolt"; "all the jars and jolts were smoothed out by the shock absorbers".
JOLT, noun. An abrupt spasmodic movement.
JOLT, verb. Move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion.
JOLT, verb. Disturb (someone's) composure; "The audience was jolted by the play".

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