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HEEL, noun. (anatomy) The rear part of the foot, where it joins the leg.
HEEL, noun. The part of a shoe's sole which supports the foot's heel.
HEEL, noun. The rear part of a sock or similar covering for the foot.
HEEL, noun. (firearms) The back upper part of the stock.
HEEL, noun. The last or lowest part of anything; as, the heel of a mast or the heel of a vessel.
HEEL, noun. (US) (Ireland) A crust end-piece of a loaf of bread.
HEEL, noun. (US) The base of a bun sliced in half lengthwise.
HEEL, noun. A contemptible, inconsiderate or thoughtless person.
HEEL, noun. (slang) (professional wrestling) A wrestler whose on-ring persona embodies villainous or reprehensible traits. Contrast with babyface.
HEEL, noun. (card games) The cards set aside for later use in a patience or solitaire game.
HEEL, noun. Anything regarded as like a human heel in shape; a protuberance; a knob.
HEEL, noun. (architecture) The lower end of a timber in a frame, as a post or rafter. Specifically, (US), the obtuse angle of the lower end of a rafter set sloping.
HEEL, noun. (architecture) A cyma reversa; so called by workmen.
HEEL, noun. (carpentry) the short side of an angled cut
HEEL, noun. (golf) The part of the face of the club head nearest the shaft.
HEEL, noun. In a carding machine, the part of a flat nearest the cylinder.
HEEL, verb. To follow at somebody's heels; to chase closely.
HEEL, verb. To add a heel to, or increase the size of the heel of (a shoe or boot).
HEEL, verb. To kick with the heel.
HEEL, verb. (transitive) To perform by the use of the heels, as in dancing, running, etc.
HEEL, verb. (transitive) To arm with a gaff, as a cock for fighting.
HEEL, verb. (golf) (transitive) To hit (the ball) with the heel of the club.
HEEL, verb. (football) (transitive) To make (a fair catch) standing with one foot forward, the heel on the ground and the toe up.
HEEL, verb. (intransitive) To incline to one side, to tilt (especially of ships).
HEEL, noun. The act of inclining or canting from a vertical position; a cant.
HEEL, proper noun. A part of Maasgouw in the Netherlands
HEEL BONE, noun. The large bone making up the heel of the human foot.
HEEL HOOK, noun. (combat sports) A joint lock where the attacker isolates an opponent's leg between his or her own legs, and then twists the opponent's ankle with the aim of causing pain or injury to the opponent's ankle or knee.
HEEL HOOK, noun. (climbing) An action using the heel to balance on a wall or rock.
HEEL HOOKS, noun. Plural of heel hook
HEEL LIFT, noun. A wedge type shoe insert that affixes inside any footwear to make the user look taller, or to correct anatomical leg deficiencies.
HEEL LIFTS, noun. Plural of heel lift
HEEL OVER, verb. (nautical) (of a vessel) to tilt to one side
HEEL RING, noun. A ring for fastening a scythe blade to the snath.

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HEEL, noun. The bottom of a shoe or boot; the back part of a shoe or boot that touches the ground and provides elevation.
HEEL, noun. The back part of the human foot.
HEEL, noun. Someone who is morally reprehensible; "you dirty dog".
HEEL, noun. One of the crusty ends of a loaf of bread.
HEEL, noun. The lower end of a ship's mast.
HEEL, noun. (golf) the part of the clubhead where it joins the shaft.
HEEL, verb. Tilt to one side; "The balloon heeled over"; "the wind made the vessel heel"; "The ship listed to starboard".
HEEL, verb. Follow at the heels of a person.
HEEL, verb. Perform with the heels; "heel that dance".
HEEL, verb. Strike with the heel of the club; "heel a golf ball".
HEEL, verb. Put a new heel on; "heel shoes".

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