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HOOK, noun. A rod bent into a curved shape, typically with one end free and the other end secured to a rope or other attachment.
HOOK, noun. A fishhook, a barbed metal hook used for fishing.
HOOK, noun. Any of various hook-shaped agricultural implements such as a billhook
HOOK, noun. That part of a hinge which is fixed to a post, and on which a door or gate hangs and turns.
HOOK, noun. A loop shaped like a hook under certain written letters, e.g. g and j.
HOOK, noun. A catchy musical phrase which forms the basis of a popular song.
HOOK, noun. A brief, punchy opening statement intended to get attention from an audience, reader, or viewer, and make them want to continue to listen to a speech, read a book, or watch a play.
HOOK, noun. A tie-in to a current event or trend that makes a news story or editorial relevant and timely.
HOOK, noun. (informal) Removal or expulsion from a group or activity.
HOOK, noun. (cricket) A type of shot played by swinging the bat in a horizontal arc, hitting the ball high in the air to the leg side, often played to balls which bounce around head height.
HOOK, noun. (baseball) A curveball.
HOOK, noun. (software) A feature, definition, or coding that enables future enhancements to happen compatibly or more easily.
HOOK, noun. (golf) A golf shot that (for the right-handed player) curves unintentionally to the left. See draw, slice, fade
HOOK, noun. (basketball) A basketball shot in which the offensive player, usually turned perpendicular to the basket, gently throws the ball with a sweeping motion of his arm in an upward arc with a follow-through which ends over his head. Also called hook shot.
HOOK, noun. (boxing) A type of punch delivered with the arm rigid and partially bent and the fist travelling nearly horizontally mesially along an arc.
HOOK, noun. (slang) A jack (the playing card)
HOOK, noun. (typography) (rare) A háček.
HOOK, noun. (Scrabble) An instance of playing a word perpendicular to a word already on the board, adding a letter to the start or the end of the word to form a new word.
HOOK, noun. (bowling) A ball that is rolled in a curved line.
HOOK, noun. (bridge) (slang) A finesse.
HOOK, noun. A snare; a trap.
HOOK, noun. A field sown two years in succession.
HOOK, noun. (in the plural) The projecting points of the thighbones of cattle; called also hook bones.
HOOK, noun. (geography) A spit or narrow cape of sand or gravel turned landward at the outer end, such as Sandy Hook in New Jersey.
HOOK, verb. (transitive) To attach a hook to.
HOOK, verb. (transitive) To catch with a hook (hook a fish).
HOOK, verb. (transitive) To ensnare someone, as if with a hook.
HOOK, verb. (UK) (US) (slang) (archaic) To steal.
HOOK, verb. (transitive) To connect (hook into, hook together).
HOOK, verb. (Usually in passive) To make addicted; to captivate.
HOOK, verb. (cricket) (golf) To play a hook shot.
HOOK, verb. (field hockey) (ice hockey) To engage in the illegal maneuver of hooking (i.e., using the hockey stick to trip or block another player)
HOOK, verb. (soccer) To swerve a ball; kick a ball so it swerves or bends.
HOOK, verb. (intransitive) (slang) To engage in prostitution.
HOOK, verb. (Scrabble) To play a word perpendicular to another word by adding a single letter to the existing word.
HOOK, verb. (bridge) (slang) To finesse.
HOOK, verb. (transitive) To seize or pierce with the points of the horns, as cattle in attacking enemies; to gore.
HOOK, verb. (intransitive) To move or go with a sudden turn.
HOOK ABOVE, noun. (typesetting) A tone mark (  ̉) that indicates falling then rising tone in Vietnamese.
HOOK AND EYE, noun. A matched hook and an eye (loop into which the hook can fit), used for fastening.
HOOK IN, verb. Used other than as an idiom: see hook in.
HOOK IN, verb. (transitive) To deceive.
HOOK IT, verb. (slang) (intransitive) To depart in a hurry; to clear out.
HOOK LADDER, noun. A ladder with hooks at the end by which it can be suspended, as from the top of a wall.
HOOK SHOT, noun. (basketball) A shot in which the offensive player, gently throws the ball with a sweeping motion of his arm in an upward arc with a follow-through which ends over his head.
HOOK SHOTS, noun. Plural of hook shot
HOOK SOMEONE UP, verb. (idiomatic) (slang) To supply someone with goods or services.
HOOK TURN, noun. A turn made by a vehicle across all lanes of traffic, sometimes used to improve the flow of through traffic or to keep the middle of the road free for trams etc.
HOOK UP, verb. (transitive) To assemble the parts of a mechanism, especially by connecting wires.
HOOK UP, verb. (transitive) To connect to something like a power supply or a signal source.
HOOK UP, verb. (intransitive) (slang) (used with "with") To form an association (with) someone.
HOOK UP, verb. (intransitive) (slang) (used with "with") To have a casual sexual experience with another person, usually without any future relationship intended.
HOOK WRENCH, noun. A wrench or spanner with a hook at the end, instead of a jaw, for turning a bolthead, nut, or coupling.

Dictionary definition

HOOK, noun. A catch for locking a door.
HOOK, noun. A sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook.
HOOK, noun. Anything that serves as an enticement.
HOOK, noun. A mechanical device that is curved or bent to suspend or hold or pull something.
HOOK, noun. A curved or bent implement for suspending or pulling something.
HOOK, noun. A golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer; "he took lessons to cure his hooking".
HOOK, noun. A short swinging punch delivered from the side with the elbow bent.
HOOK, noun. A basketball shot made over the head with the hand that is farther from the basket.
HOOK, verb. Fasten with a hook.
HOOK, verb. Rip off; ask an unreasonable price.
HOOK, verb. Make a piece of needlework by interlocking and looping thread with a hooked needle; "She sat there crocheting all day".
HOOK, verb. Hit a ball and put a spin on it so that it travels to the left.
HOOK, verb. Take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!".
HOOK, verb. Make off with belongings of others.
HOOK, verb. Hit with a hook; "His opponent hooked him badly".
HOOK, verb. Catch with a hook; "hook a fish".
HOOK, verb. To cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, especially a narcotic drug).
HOOK, verb. Secure with the foot; "hook the ball".
HOOK, verb. Entice and trap; "The car salesman had snared three potential customers".
HOOK, verb. Approach with an offer of sexual favors; "he was solicited by a prostitute"; "The young man was caught soliciting in the park".

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