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MARE, noun. An adult female horse.
MARE, noun. (UK) (pejorative) (slang) A foolish woman.
MARE, noun. (obsolete outside dialects) A type of evil spirit thought to sit on the chest of a sleeping person; also the feeling of suffocation felt during sleep; a nightmare.
MARE, noun. (UK) (colloquial) (Shortening of nightmare) A nightmare; a frustrating or terrible experience.
MARE, noun. (planetology) A dark, large circular plain; a “sea”.
MARE, noun. (planetology) On Saturn's moon Titan, a large expanse of what is thought to be liquid hydrocarbons.
MARE CLAUSUM, noun. (international law) A body of water within the jurisdiction of a particular nation, and not part of the open sea.

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MARE, noun. Female equine animal.
MARE, noun. A dark region of considerable extent on the surface of the moon.

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