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PAT, noun. The sound of a light slap or tap with a soft flat object, especially of a footstep
PAT, noun. A light tap or slap, especially with the hands
PAT, noun. A flattish lump of soft matter, especially butter or dung.
PAT, verb. To (gently) tap the flat of one's hand on a person or thing.
PAT, verb. To hit lightly and repeatedly with the flat of the hand to make smooth or flat
PAT, verb. (Australia) (New Zealand) To stroke or fondle (an animal).
PAT, verb. To gently rain.
PAT, adjective. Timely, suitable, apt, opportune, ready for the occasion; especially of things spoken
PAT, adjective. Trite, being superficially complete, lacking originality
PAT, adverb. Opportunely, in a timely or suitable way.
PAT, adverb. Perfectly.
PAT, noun. Patent
PAT, noun. (knitting) pattern
PAT, proper noun. A short form of the female given name Patricia.
PAT, proper noun. A short form of the male given name Patrick.
PAT, proper noun. (Quebec) Pointe-aux-Trembles — a municipality in the province of Quebec, Canada
PAT DOWN, verb. (transitive) (US) To frisk; to check someone's body for concealed items, especially weapons.
PAT IN THE MIDDLE, adverb. Right in the middle
PAT ON THE BACK, noun. (idiomatic) Praise, congratulations.
PAT ON THE BACK, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) To praise or congratulate.
PAT SLIDE, noun. A special sheet of plastic used to transfer patients in hospitals from beds to trolleys and vice versa, or to reposition them in the bed.

Dictionary definition

PAT, noun. The sound made by a gentle blow.
PAT, noun. A light touch or stroke.
PAT, verb. Pat or squeeze fondly or playfully, especially under the chin.
PAT, verb. Hit lightly; "pat him on the shoulder".
PAT, adverb. Completely or perfectly; "he has the lesson pat"; "had the system down pat".
PAT, adjective. Having only superficial plausibility; "glib promises"; "a slick commercial".
PAT, adjective. Exactly suited to the occasion; "a pat reply".

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