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HANDKERCHIEF, noun. A piece of cloth, usually square and often fine and elegant, carried for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands.
HANDKERCHIEF, noun. A piece of cloth shaped like a handkerchief to be worn about the neck; a neckerchief or neckcloth.
HANDKERCHIEF CODE, noun. A set of colors of handkerchief that indicate sexual preferences of people who deliberately wear them for this purpose.
HANDKERCHIEF CODES, noun. Plural of handkerchief code
HANDKERCHIEF TREE, noun. The dove tree, Davidia involucrate, which has large white bracts said to look like handkerchiefs
HANDKERCHIEF TREES, noun. Plural of handkerchief tree

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HANDKERCHIEF, noun. A square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory.

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