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BUN, noun. A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced.
BUN, noun. A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head.
BUN, noun. (Ireland) A cupcake.
BUN, noun. (slang) (British) A drunken spree.
BUN, noun. (Internet) (slang) A newbie.
BUN, noun. (dialect) (obsolete) A squirrel or rabbit.
BUN, noun. (informal) (typically used in the plural) buttocks.
BUN, verb. Eye dialect spelling of burn.
BUN, verb. (Carribean and MLE) (slang) To smoke cannabis.
BUN, verb. (MLE) (slang) To shoot.
BUN FIGHT, noun. (chiefly UK) (idiomatic) A formal party or other social gathering, especially one at which food is served.
BUN FIGHT, noun. (chiefly UK) (idiomatic) An altercation, especially one which is chaotic, not terribly serious, or outright ridiculous.
BUN STOCK, noun. Large solid box-like structure formed during the production of polystyrene insulation

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BUN, noun. Small rounded bread either plain or sweet.

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