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RELISH, noun. A pleasing taste; flavor that gratifies the palate; hence, enjoyable quality; power of pleasing.
RELISH, noun. Savor; quality; characteristic tinge.
RELISH, noun. A taste for; liking; appetite; fondness.
RELISH, noun. That which is used to impart a flavor; specifically, something taken with food to render it more palatable or to stimulate the appetite; a condiment.
RELISH, noun. A cooked or pickled sauce, usually made with vegetables or fruits, generally used as a condiment.
RELISH, noun. In a wooden frame, the projection or shoulder at the side of, or around, a tenon, on a tenoned piece.
RELISH, verb. (obsolete) (intransitive) To taste; to have a specified taste or flavour. [16th-19th c.]
RELISH, verb. (transitive) To give a relish to; to cause to taste agreeable, to make appetizing. [from 16th c.]
RELISH, verb. (transitive) To taste or eat with pleasure, to like the flavor of; to take great pleasure in. [from 16th c.]

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RELISH, noun. Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment.
RELISH, noun. Spicy or savory condiment.
RELISH, noun. The taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth.
RELISH, verb. Derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in; "She relished her fame and basked in her glory".

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