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SAUSAGE, noun. A food made of ground meat (or meat substitute) and seasoning, packed in a section of the animal's intestine, or in a similarly cylindrical shaped synthetic casing; a length of this food.
SAUSAGE, noun. A sausage-shaped thing.
SAUSAGE, noun. (vulgar slang) Penis.
SAUSAGE, noun. A term of endearment.
SAUSAGE, noun. A saucisse.
SAUSAGE CASING, noun. The membrane into which the filling of a sausage is stuffed. Originally the washed intestine of an animal, now sometimes a synthetic substitute.
SAUSAGE CASINGS, noun. Plural of sausage casing
SAUSAGE DOG, noun. The dachshund
SAUSAGE DOG, noun. An insulating item in the shape of a dog, used to stop draughts entering under doors.[1]
SAUSAGE DOGS, noun. Plural of sausage dog
SAUSAGE FACTORY, noun. A facility producing sausage meat products.
SAUSAGE FACTORY, noun. (slang) A party or gathering with few to no women present.
SAUSAGE FACTORY, noun. (literature) An unappealing process to generate something familiar.
SAUSAGE FACTORY, noun. (journalism) the process of creating news - "You wouldn't want to see how it's created," referring to the job of pursuing stories, sources and research.
SAUSAGE FACTORY, noun. (politics) Dealing and compromise done behind the scenes to enact legislation.
SAUSAGE FEST, noun. (slang) (derisive) A party or gathering where the vast majority of the people are male.
SAUSAGE FESTS, noun. Plural of sausage fest
SAUSAGE GRAVY, noun. (US) A traditional Southern breakfast dish, usually served with biscuits, made from pork sausage fat, milk, and seasonings.
SAUSAGE MEAT, noun. Ground, spiced meat that can be stuffed in a sausage or used as a sausage patty.
SAUSAGE MEATS, noun. Plural of sausage meat
SAUSAGE PARTIES, noun. Plural of sausage party
SAUSAGE PARTY, noun. (slang) (derisive) A gathering with many more men than women.
SAUSAGE ROLL, noun. A short piece of sausage meat baked in a roll of pastry.
SAUSAGE ROLLS, noun. Plural of sausage roll
SAUSAGE SIZZLE, noun. (Australia) (NZ) (slang) A barbecue, especially one held for fundraising purposes.
SAUSAGE SIZZLES, noun. Plural of sausage sizzle
SAUSAGE TREE, noun. A large African tree with fruits that look like sausages, Kigelia africana
SAUSAGE TREES, noun. Plural of sausage tree

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SAUSAGE, noun. Highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings.
SAUSAGE, noun. A small nonrigid airship used for observation or as a barrage balloon.

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