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SNACK, noun. A light meal.
SNACK, noun. An item of food eaten between meals.
SNACK, verb. To eat a light meal
SNACK, verb. To eat between meals
SNACK, noun. (obsolete) A share; a part or portion.
SNACK BAR, noun. A small restaurant serving light meals
SNACK BAR, noun. A counter in some other establishment having the same function
SNACK BARS, noun. Plural of snack bar
SNACK DOWN, verb. To eat a snack or a series of snacks.
SNACK FOOD, noun. A food traditionally or commonly consumed as a snack between meals.
SNACK FOOD, noun. Any other food consumed as a snack.
SNACK FOODS, noun. Plural of snack food

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SNACK, noun. A light informal meal.
SNACK, verb. Eat a snack; eat lightly; "She never loses weight because she snacks between meals".

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