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LUNCH, noun. A light meal usually eaten around midday, notably when not as main meal of the day.
LUNCH, noun. (cricket) A break in play between the first and second sessions.
LUNCH, noun. (Minnesota) (US) Any small meal, especially one eaten at a social gathering.
LUNCH, verb. To eat lunch.
LUNCH BOX, noun. Alternative spelling of lunchbox
LUNCH BUCKET, noun. Alternative spelling of lunch pail
LUNCH BUCKETS, noun. Plural of lunch bucket
LUNCH KETTLE, noun. (US) (dated) (chiefly eastern Pennsylvania) A lunchbox.
LUNCH LADY, noun. (US) A dinner lady.
LUNCH MEAT, noun. Any processed, prepackaged molded meat served sliced for consumption in sandwiches or salads.
LUNCH MEATS, noun. Plural of lunch meat
LUNCH PAIL, noun. (US) A lunchbox (container).
LUNCH PAILS, noun. Plural of lunch pail

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LUNCH, noun. A midday meal.
LUNCH, verb. Take the midday meal; "At what time are you lunching?".
LUNCH, verb. Provide a midday meal for; "She lunched us well".

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