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RECESS, noun. (countable or uncountable) A break, pause or vacation.
RECESS, noun. An inset, hole, space or opening.
RECESS, noun. (US) A time of play, usually, on a playground.
RECESS, noun. A decree of the imperial diet of the old German empire.
RECESS, noun. (archaic) A withdrawing or retiring; a moving back; retreat.
RECESS, noun. (archaic) The state of being withdrawn; seclusion; privacy.
RECESS, noun. (archaic) A place of retirement, retreat, secrecy, or seclusion.
RECESS, noun. A secret or abstruse part.
RECESS, noun. (botany) (zoology) A sinus.
RECESS, verb. To inset into something, or to recede.
RECESS, verb. (intransitive) To take or declare a break.
RECESS, verb. (transitive) (informal) To appoint, with a recess appointment.
RECESS, verb. To make a recess in.
RECESS, adjective. (obsolete) (rare) Remote, distant (in time or place).
RECESS APPOINTMENT, noun. (US) (legal) The appointment by the President of the United States of a person to an office that normally requires approval of the United States Senate, but who is appointed without such approval because the Senate is in recess.
RECESS APPOINTMENTS, noun. Plural of recess appointment

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RECESS, noun. A state of abeyance or suspended business.
RECESS, noun. A small concavity.
RECESS, noun. An arm off of a larger body of water (often between rocky headlands).
RECESS, noun. An enclosure that is set back or indented.
RECESS, noun. A pause from doing something (as work); "we took a 10-minute break"; "he took time out to recuperate".
RECESS, verb. Put into a recess; "recess lights".
RECESS, verb. Make a recess in; "recess the piece of wood".
RECESS, verb. Close at the end of a session; "The court adjourned".

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