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CREAM, noun. The butterfat/milkfat part of milk which rises to the top; this part when separated from the remainder.
CREAM, noun. (standard of identity) (US) The liquid separated from milk, possibly with certain other milk products added, and with at least eighteen percent of it milkfat.
CREAM, noun. (standard of identity) (UK) The liquid separated from milk containing at least 18 percent milkfat (48% for double cream).
CREAM, noun. A yellowish white colour; the colour of cream.
CREAM, noun. (informal) Frosting, custard, creamer, or another substance similar to the oily part of milk or to whipped cream.
CREAM, noun. (figuratively) The best part of something.
CREAM, noun. (medicine) A viscous aqueous oil/fat emulsion with a medicament added, used to apply that medicament to the skin. (compare with ointment)
CREAM, noun. (vulgar) (slang) Semen.
CREAM, noun. (obsolete) The chrism or consecrated oil used in anointing ceremonies.
CREAM, adjective. Cream-coloured; having a yellowish white colour.
CREAM, verb. To puree, to blend with a liquifying process.
CREAM, verb. To turn a yellowish white colour; to give something the color of cream.
CREAM, verb. (slang) To obliterate, to defeat decisively.
CREAM, verb. (intransitive) (vulgar) (slang) To ejaculate (used of either gender).
CREAM, verb. (transitive) (vulgar) (slang) To ejaculate in (clothing).
CREAM, verb. (transitive) (cooking) To rub, stir, or beat (butter) into a light creamy consistency.
CREAM, verb. (transitive) To skim, or take off by skimming, as cream.
CREAM, verb. (transitive) (figurative) To take off the best or choicest part of.
CREAM, verb. (transitive) To furnish with, or as if with, cream.
CREAM CAKE, noun. Any of many varieties of cake that are either filled, layered or topped with any of several forms of cream or custard.
CREAM CAKES, noun. Plural of cream cake
CREAM CHEESE, noun. (countable and uncountable) A soft, mild-tasting, white cheese that comes from cows milk.
CREAM CORN, noun. Creamed corn.
CREAM CRACKER, noun. A type of savoury biscuit
CREAM CRACKERED, adjective. (British) (rhyming slang) knackered; tired, exhausted
CREAM GAUGE, noun. An instrument to test milk, usually a graduated glass tube in which the milk is placed for the cream to rise.
CREAM HORN, noun. A horn-shaped pastry filled with fruit or jam and whipped cream.
CREAM HORNS, noun. Plural of cream horn
CREAM IN ONE'S JEANS, verb. (idiomatic) (vulgar) (of a man) To ejaculate while wearing one's trousers.
CREAM IN ONE'S JEANS, verb. (idiomatic) (vulgar) (by extension) To experience an orgasm while clothed; to be thoroughly excited or delighted.
CREAM NUT, noun. Brazil nut
CREAM OF LIME, noun. A scum of calcium carbonate which forms on a solution of milk of lime from the carbon dioxide of the air.
CREAM OF LIME, noun. A thick creamy emulsion of lime in water.
CREAM OF TARTAR, noun. (chemistry) potassium hydrogen tartrate (also called potassium bitartrate), a byproduct of wine manufacture, used in baking powder and in cooking to stabilize beaten egg whites.
CREAM OF THE CROP, noun. (idiomatic) The best or most desirable among some selection.
CREAM OF WHEAT, noun. A hot breakfast cereal or porridge made with farina (ground wheat) or semolina; malt-o-meal.
CREAM OF WHEAT, noun. Semolina pudding.
CREAM OF WHEAT, noun. Alternative letter-case form of cream of wheat
CREAM OFF, verb. To extract the cream or creamy part from something
CREAM OFF, verb. To separate (the best part of something from the regular part)
CREAM OFF, verb. To earn a percentage of a profit.
CREAM PIE, noun. A pie, usually filled with fruit, topped with whipped cream.
CREAM PIE, noun. A pie filled entirely with cream used as a prop in slapstick films and television.
CREAM PIES, noun. Plural of cream pie
CREAM PUFF, noun. A light, hollow pastry typically filled with cream or custard.
CREAM PUFF, noun. (informal) A weak or ineffectual person.
CREAM PUFF, noun. (informal) An old motor vehicle in especially good condition.
CREAM PUFFS, noun. Plural of cream puff
CREAM SLICE, noun. A vanilla slice.
CREAM SLICE, noun. A wooden knife with a long thin blade, used in handling cream or ice cream.
CREAM SLICES, noun. Plural of cream slice
CREAM SODA, noun. Soda water flavoured with vanilla etc.
CREAM SODAS, noun. Plural of cream soda
CREAM TEA, noun. (British) a light afternoon meal consisting of scones, jam and clotted cream served with the drink tea
CREAM TEAS, noun. Plural of cream tea
CREAM UP, verb. (transitive) to cover with cream
CREAM UP, verb. (intransitive) to become creamy

Dictionary definition

CREAM, noun. The best people or things in a group; "the cream of England's young men were killed in the Great War".
CREAM, noun. The part of milk containing the butterfat.
CREAM, noun. Toiletry consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin.
CREAM, verb. Make creamy by beating; "Cream the butter".
CREAM, verb. Beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight; "We licked the other team on Sunday!".
CREAM, verb. Put on cream, as on one's face or body; "She creams her face every night".
CREAM, verb. Remove from the surface; "skim cream from the surface of milk".
CREAM, verb. Add cream to one's coffee, for example.

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