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TOP, noun. (Can we clean up([1]) this sense?)The highest part or component of an object.
TOP, noun. The part viewed, or intended to be viewed, nearest the edge of the visual field normally occupied by the uppermost visible objects.
TOP, noun. A lid, cap or cover of a container.
TOP, noun. A garment worn to cover the torso.
TOP, noun. (nautical) A framework at the top of a ship's mast to which rigging is attached.
TOP, noun. (baseball) The first half of an inning, during which the home team fields and the visiting team bats.
TOP, noun. (archaic) The crown of the head, or the hair upon it; the head.
TOP, noun. A child’s spinning toy; a spinning top.
TOP, noun. (heading) Someone who is eminent.
TOP, noun. (archaic) The chief person; the most prominent one.
TOP, noun. The highest rank; the most honourable position; the utmost attainable place.
TOP, noun. (BDSM) A dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
TOP, noun. (LGBT) (slang) A man penetrating or with a preference for penetrating during homosexual intercourse.
TOP, noun. (physics) A top quark.
TOP, noun. The utmost degree; the acme; the summit.
TOP, noun. (ropemaking) A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudinal grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.
TOP, noun. (sound) Highest pitch or loudest.
TOP, noun. (wool manufacture) A bundle or ball of slivers of combed wool, from which the noils, or dust, have been taken out.
TOP, noun. (obsolete) Eve; verge; point.
TOP, noun. The part of a cut gem between the girdle, or circumference, and the table, or flat upper surface.
TOP, noun. (in the plural) (slang) (dated) Topboots.
TOP, noun. (golf) A stroke on the top of the ball.
TOP, noun. (golf) A forward spin given to the ball by hitting it on or near the top.
TOP, noun. (in restaurants) (preceded by a number) (A table at which there is, or which has enough seats for) a group of a specified number of people eating at a restaurant.
TOP, verb. To cover on the top or with a top.
TOP, verb. To cut or remove the top (as of a tree)
TOP, verb. To excel, to surpass, to beat.
TOP, verb. To be in the lead, to be at number one position (of).
TOP, verb. (British) (slang) To commit suicide, (rare) to murder.
TOP, verb. (BDSM) To be the dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
TOP, verb. (slang) (gay sexuality) To be the partner who penetrates in anal sex.
TOP, verb. (archaic) To rise aloft; to be eminent; to tower.
TOP, verb. (archaic) To predominate.
TOP, verb. (archaic) To excel; to rise above others.
TOP, verb. (nautical) To raise one end of (a yard, etc.), making it higher than the other.
TOP, verb. (dyeing) To cover with another dye.
TOP, verb. To put a stiffening piece or back on (a saw blade).
TOP, verb. (slang) (dated) To arrange (fruit, etc.) with the best on top.
TOP, verb. (of a horse) To strike the top of (an obstacle) with the hind feet while jumping, so as to gain new impetus.
TOP, verb. To improve (domestic animals, especially sheep) by crossing certain individuals or breeds with other superior breeds.
TOP, verb. To cut, break, or otherwise take off the top of (a steel ingot) to remove unsound metal.
TOP, verb. (golf) To strike (the ball) above the centre; also, to make (a stroke, etc.) by hitting the ball in this way.
TOP, adjective. Situated on the top of something.
TOP, adjective. (informal) Best; of the highest quality or rank.
TOP, adjective. (informal) Very good, of high quality.
TOP, adverb. Rated first.
TOP, symbol. Tongan paʻanga
TOP 40, noun. (music) popular music, usually the 40 most popular songs at a given time
TOP AND BUT, noun. (shipbuilding) A method of working long tapering planks by bringing the but of one plank to the top of the other to make up a constant breadth in two layers.
TOP AND TAIL, noun. The top and bottom of something
TOP AND TAIL, verb. To add to the beginning and end of something, such as the salutation and valediction added to a letter
TOP AND TAIL, verb. To remove something from the top and bottom of an item, such as in preparing carrots for the pot
TOP AND TAIL, verb. (colloquial): To bathe a small child in a minimal way by wiping its face and bottom
TOP ANTIQUARK, noun. (physics) The antiparticle of the top quark
TOP BANANA, noun. (idiomatic) The boss, the leader.
TOP BANANA, noun. (idiomatic) (dated) The principal comedian in a vaudeville or burlesque show.
TOP BANANAS, noun. Plural of top banana
TOP BRASS, noun. (idiomatic) (colloquial) A group of people who are the leaders or heads of an organization.
TOP BUD, noun. One's closest or favorite friend; a person's best friend.
TOP COPY, noun. The typescript of a document that has carbon copies underneath
TOP DEAD CENTER, noun. (automotive) A position in the four-stroke combustion process wherein the piston is at the topmost point in its stroke. This can either be during the compression phase or the combustion phase.
TOP DEAD CENTER, noun. (automotive) The reference mark on a flywheel (and engine block) indicating the engine is in the top dead center position, when aligned.
TOP DECK, noun. The upper deck of a double-decker bus
TOP DOG, noun. (idiomatic) the boss, the leader (of the pack)
TOP DOG, noun. (idiomatic) in a competition, the one expected to win
TOP DOGS, noun. Plural of top dog
TOP DOLLAR, noun. (chiefly US) (idiomatic) The maximum amount of money that an item, service, or worker is worth; a very high price.
TOP DOLLARS, noun. Plural of top dollar
TOP DRAWER, adjective. (idiomatic) Of the highest quality.
TOP EDGE, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see top,‎ edge.
TOP EDGE, noun. (cricket) The edge of a bat farthest from the ground.
TOP EDGE, noun. (cricket) A deflection of a ball off of the top edge of a bat, into the air and potentially for a catch.
TOP EDGE, verb. (cricket) To hit the ball with the top edge of the bat.
TOP EDGED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of top edge
TOP EDGES, noun. Plural of top edge
TOP EDGES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of top edge
TOP EDGING, verb. Present participle of top edge
TOP FEED, noun. In locomotive boilers, a feed water check valve placed on the top of the boiler drum. This encourages rapid mixing of the cold feedwater with the hot steam, reducing the risk of thermal shock to the heated parts of the boiler.
TOP FEEDS, noun. Plural of top feed
TOP FERMENTATION, noun. Alcoholic fermentation during which the yeast cells are carried to the top of the fermenting liquid
TOP FLIGHT, noun. The highest league or division.
TOP FROM THE BOTTOM, verb. (BDSM) To make demands while supposedly in a submissive role.
TOP FRUIT, noun. A fruit which grows on trees, contrasted with soft fruit.
TOP FRUITS, noun. Plural of top fruit
TOP GEAR, noun. The highest gear that is available in a motor vehicle or car
TOP GUN, noun. A most highly rated gun shooter.
TOP GUN, noun. (more generally) Someone most highly rated.
TOP GUNS, noun. Plural of top gun
TOP HAND, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see top,‎ hand.
TOP HAND, noun. (cricket) The batsman's hand that is further up the handle; used for control rather than power.
TOP HANDS, noun. Plural of top hand
TOP HAT, noun. (idiomatic) A man's formal hat, with a tall cylindrical crown (often of silk).
TOP HATS, noun. Plural of top hat
TOP HOLE, adjective. Alternative form of top-hole
TOP IT OFF, verb. (idiomatic) To emphasize or underscore; to make something even better or worse.
TOP KILL, noun. (oil industry) a method of closing an oil well, by pumping in drilling fluid (synthetic mud) to shut off the flow of oil, and following with concrete (cement) to plug the hole
TOP LINE, noun. (accounting) Total sales or revenue.
TOP LINE, noun. (military) A flag on the edge of a minefield.
TOP LINE, noun. (linguistics) The line connecting individual letters in Devanagari.
TOP LINES, noun. Plural of top line
TOP LOADER, noun. A washing machine with its door on the top.
TOP LOADER, noun. (trading cards) A rigid plastic frame, slotted at the top, used to store and protect individual trading cards.
TOP LOADERS, noun. Plural of top loader
TOP LOIN, noun. The tender meat from the front portion of loin of beef, usually cut into steak.
TOP MINNOW, noun. A small viviparous freshwater fish (Gambusia patruelis) abundant in the southern United States.
TOP MINNOW, noun. A fish of various similar species.
TOP NOTCH, adjective. (idiomatic) Very good; of the highest quality.
TOP OF MIND, adjective. (idiomatic) Foremost in one's thoughts; of greatest concern or priority.
TOP OF MIND AWARENESS, noun. (advertising) The percent of respondents who, without prompting, name a specific brand or product first when asked to list all the advertisements they recall seeing in a general product category over the past 30 days.
TOP OF MIND AWARENESSES, noun. Plural of top of mind awareness
TOP OF THE HOUR, noun. The time at (or very close to) the start of the next hour of time.
TOP OF THE LINE, adjective. (idiomatic) The best, fanciest, or highest quality, especially among selections in a product line.
TOP OF THE SHOP, noun. (bingo) ninety
TOP OFF, verb. (US English) to fill completely; to fill or refill the final portion of something not empty
TOP OFF, verb. To complete, to put the finishing touch to (something)
TOP ONESELF, verb. (British) (slang) To commit suicide.
TOP ONESELF, verb. (British) (slang) To overdose.
TOP ONESELF, verb. (US) (idiomatic) To outdo oneself or do more than one's previous best.
TOP ORDER, noun. (cricket) the batsmen who bat in the first few positions
TOP OUT, verb. (intransitive) To reach one's highest point.
TOP OUT, verb. (intransitive) To quit one's career during a period of success.
TOP OUT, verb. (intransitive) To complete the construction of a tall building, originally by putting on a "topping-out" course.
TOP PRIORITY, adjective. Alternative form of top-priority
TOP PRIORITY, noun. (uncountable) Relatively highest importance.
TOP PRIORITY, noun. (countable) Item of highest importance.
TOP QUARK, noun. (particle) A quark having a fractional electric charge of +2/3 and a mass about 178,000 MeV. Symbol: t
TOP QUARKS, noun. Plural of top quark
TOP RAKE, noun. (engineering) The angle that the front edge of the point of a tool is set back from the normal to the surface being cut.
TOP RAKES, noun. Plural of top rake
TOP SCORER, noun. The person who scores more than any other in a specified situation
TOP SECRET, adjective. (military) Information classified at the highest level of sensitivity by a government, based on an assessment that it would cause exceptionally grave damage to national security if disclosed.
TOP SECRET, adjective. A level of security clearance needed to access such information.
TOP SECRET, adjective. (figuratively) Pertaining to any especially sensitive closed-room activities.
TOP SEED, noun. (sports) (games) The player or team given the highest ranking in a seeded tournament, who has the most favourable draw.
TOP SHEET, noun. A bed sheet used between a bottom sheet and a blanket.
TOP SHELF, adjective. (US) (idiomatic) best, or high quality
TOP SHELF, adjective. (British) (idiomatic) Describing books, magazines, or movies that have adult content, or soft-core porn.
TOP SPOT, noun. The first position in a ranking.
TOP SURGERY, noun. (LGBT) Either of two surgical procedures performed on the chests of trans people, specifically:
TOP SURGERY, noun. Breast augmentation for trans women.
TOP SURGERY, noun. Mastectomy for trans men.
TOP TIER, adjective. Belonging to the top tier: elite, prestigious.
TOP TIER, noun. Top level, top rank, top standing.
TOP TIER, noun. Elite.
TOP TIERS, noun. Plural of top tier
TOP UP, verb. To refill something
TOP UP, verb. (UK) to refill the drink of (somebody)
TOP UP, verb. (idiomatic) to extend the credit of something
TOP UP, verb. To add to a number or amount to bring something up to a certain level

Dictionary definition

TOP, noun. The upper part of anything; "the mower cuts off the tops of the grass"; "the title should be written at the top of the first page".
TOP, noun. The highest or uppermost side of anything; "put your books on top of the desk"; "only the top side of the box was painted".
TOP, noun. The top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill); "the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the tip of Monadnock"; "the region is a few molecules wide at the summit".
TOP, noun. The first half of an inning; while the visiting team is at bat; "a relief pitcher took over in the top of the fifth".
TOP, noun. The highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development; "his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty"; "the artist's gifts are at their acme"; "at the height of her career"; "the peak of perfection"; "summer was at its peak"; "...catapulted Einstein to the pinnacle of fame"; "the summit of his ambition"; "so many highest superlatives achieved by man"; "at the top of his profession".
TOP, noun. The greatest possible intensity; "he screamed at the top of his lungs".
TOP, noun. Platform surrounding the head of a lower mast.
TOP, noun. A conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin; "he got a bright red top and string for his birthday".
TOP, noun. Covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container); "he removed the top of the carton"; "he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; "put the cover back on the kettle".
TOP, noun. A garment (especially for women) that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips; "he stared as she buttoned her top".
TOP, noun. A canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance; "he was afraid of a fire in the circus tent"; "they had the big top up in less than an hour".
TOP, verb. Be superior or better than some standard; "She exceeded our expectations"; "She topped her performance of last year".
TOP, verb. Pass by, over, or under without making contact; "the balloon cleared the tree tops".
TOP, verb. Be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point; "A star tops the Christmas Tree".
TOP, verb. Be ahead of others; be the first; "she topped her class every year".
TOP, verb. Provide with a top or finish the top (of a structure); "the towers were topped with conical roofs".
TOP, verb. Reach or ascend the top of; "The hikers topped the mountain just before noon".
TOP, verb. Strike (the top part of a ball in golf, baseball, or pool) giving it a forward spin.
TOP, verb. Cut the top off; "top trees and bushes".
TOP, verb. Be the culminating event; "The speech crowned the meeting".
TOP, verb. Finish up or conclude; "They topped off their dinner with a cognac"; "top the evening with champagne".
TOP, adjective. Situated at the top or highest position; "the top shelf".

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