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SPAWN, verb. (transitive) To produce or deposit (eggs) in water.
SPAWN, verb. (transitive) To generate, bring into being, especially non-mammalian beings in very large numbers.
SPAWN, verb. (transitive) To bring forth in general.
SPAWN, verb. (transitive) To induce (aquatic organisms) to spawn
SPAWN, verb. (transitive) To plant with fungal spawn
SPAWN, verb. (intransitive) To deposit (numerous) eggs in water.
SPAWN, verb. (intransitive) To reproduce, especially in large numbers.
SPAWN, verb. (ergative) (video games) (of a character or object) (To cause) to appear spontaneously in a game at a certain point and time.
SPAWN, noun. The numerous eggs of an aquatic organism.
SPAWN, noun. Mushroom mycelium prepared for (aided) propagation.
SPAWN, noun. (by extension) (sometimes derogatory) Any germ or seed, even a figurative source; offspring.
SPAWN, noun. (horticulture) The buds or branches produced from underground stems.
SPAWN, noun. (video games) The location in a game where characters or objects spontaneously appear.
SPAWN EATER, noun. A small American cyprinoid fish (Notropis hudsonius) allied to the dace.
SPAWN POINT, noun. (video games) A location on a game map in which a player, bot or item spawns.
SPAWN POINTS, noun. Plural of spawn point

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SPAWN, noun. The mass of eggs deposited by fish or amphibians or molluscs.
SPAWN, verb. Call forth.
SPAWN, verb. Lay spawn; "The salmon swims upstream to spawn".

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