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AQUATIC, adjective. Relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water.
AQUATIC CENTRE, noun. A community facility consisting of one or more swimming pools and other recreational amenities.
AQUATIC CENTRES, noun. Plural of aquatic centre
AQUATIC FITNESS, noun. Water aerobics; aquafitness
AQUATIC WARBLER, noun. A small passerine bird, Acrocephalus paludicola, of the warbler family (Sylviidae)
AQUATIC WARBLERS, noun. Plural of aquatic warbler

Dictionary definition

AQUATIC, noun. A plant that lives in or on water.
AQUATIC, adjective. Relating to or consisting of or being in water; "an aquatic environment".
AQUATIC, adjective. Operating or living or growing in water; "boats are aquatic vehicles"; "water lilies are aquatic plants"; "fish are aquatic animals".

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