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DIVING, verb. Present participle of dive
DIVING, noun. The action of the verb to dive in any sense.
DIVING, noun. The sport of jumping head first into water.
DIVING, noun. The practice of swimming underwater, especially using a scuba system, and especially for recreation.
DIVING, adjective. That or who dives or dive.
DIVING BEETLE, noun. Any beetle of the family Dytiscidae.
DIVING BEETLES, noun. Plural of diving beetle
DIVING BELL, noun. An airtight chamber, open at the bottom, that is lowered on a cable underwater to operate as a base or a means of transport for a diver or a small number of divers.
DIVING BELL SPIDER, noun. A spider, Argyroneta aquatica, living almost entirely underwater, using hairs on its abdomen and legs to trap air.
DIVING BELL SPIDERS, noun. Plural of diving bell spider
DIVING BELLS, noun. Plural of diving bell
DIVING BOARD, noun. A springboard used for diving into water.
DIVING BOARD, noun. A diving platform.
DIVING BOARDS, noun. Plural of diving board
DIVING DUCK, noun. A duck that feeds mainly by diving such as the pochard.
DIVING DUCKS, noun. Plural of diving duck
DIVING HEADER, noun. (soccer) A ball struck near ground level by the head of a diving player.
DIVING IN, verb. Present participle of dive in
DIVING KNIFE, noun. A type of knife
DIVING MASK, noun. A mask worn by divers underwater over the eyes or face to allow them to see clearly underwater, having a watertight seal around its edges to hold it securely to the face.
DIVING MASKS, noun. Plural of diving mask
DIVING PETREL, noun. Any seabird of the family Pelecanoididae in the order Procellariiformes, resembling auks and native to the southern oceans.
DIVING PLATFORM, noun. Structure used for competitive diving, consisting of a vertical rigid tower with one or more horizontal platforms extending out over a deep pool of water.
DIVING SCOOTER, noun. An item of diving equipment used by scuba divers to increase their range while underwater.
DIVING SCOOTERS, noun. Plural of diving scooter
DIVING SUIT, noun. A garment or apparatus worn by a diver for protection from the underwater environment.

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DIVING, noun. An athletic competition that involves diving into water.
DIVING, noun. A headlong plunge into water.

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