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CLIMBING, noun. (uncountable) The sport of climbing, ascending a wall or a rock or another object using available holds, generally with the safety of a rope and belayer.
CLIMBING, noun. (countable) Climb; ascent.
CLIMBING, verb. Present participle of climb
CLIMBING, adjective. (botany) (of a plant) That climbs; that grows upwards by gripping onto a surface.
CLIMBING BOLT, noun. (climbing) A bolt permanently fixed to a rock face to allow climbers to attach ropes etc
CLIMBING FRAME, noun. A piece of playground equipment consisting of a set of interlinked bars on which children can climb.
CLIMBING FRAMES, noun. Plural of climbing frame
CLIMBING GOURAMI, noun. Any fish of the taxonomic family Anabantidae.
CLIMBING GOURAMIES, noun. Plural of climbing gourami
CLIMBING GOURAMIS, noun. Plural of climbing gourami
CLIMBING MAIDENHAIR FERN, noun. A tropical fern found in Jamaica and Florida, all around Old World
CLIMBING NIGHTSHADE, noun. Leafy green plants of genus Basella.
CLIMBING NIGHTSHADE, noun. Solanum dulcamara, a vine with poisonous foliage.
CLIMBING NIGHTSHADES, noun. Plural of climbing nightshade
CLIMBING THE WALLS, verb. Present participle of climb the walls
CLIMBING WALL, noun. (climbing) An artificial wall used for the sport of climbing
CLIMBING WALLS, noun. Plural of climbing wall

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CLIMBING, noun. An event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.).

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