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SLOPE, noun. An area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward.
SLOPE, noun. The degree to which a surface tends upward or downward.
SLOPE, noun. (mathematics) The ratio of the vertical and horizontal distances between two points on a line; zero if the line is horizontal, undefined if it is vertical.
SLOPE, noun. (mathematics) The slope of the line tangent to a curve at a given point.
SLOPE, noun. The angle a roof surface makes with the horizontal, expressed as a ratio of the units of vertical rise to the units of horizontal length (sometimes referred to as run).
SLOPE, noun. (vulgar) (highly offensive) (ethnic slur) A person of Chinese or other East Asian descent.
SLOPE, verb. (intransitive) To tend steadily upward or downward.
SLOPE, verb. (transitive) To form with a slope; to give an oblique or slanting direction to; to incline or slant.
SLOPE, verb. (colloquial) (usually followed by a preposition) To try to move surreptitiously.
SLOPE, verb. (military) To hold a rifle at a slope with forearm perpendicular to the body in front holding the butt, the rifle resting on the shoulder.
SLOPE, adjective. (obsolete) Sloping.
SLOPE, adverb. (obsolete) slopingly
SLOPE FIELD, noun. (mathematics) A field of plotted slopes of a differentiable function.
SLOPE FIELDS, noun. Plural of slope field
SLOPE OFF, verb. (informal) (intransitive) To depart quietly, without being noticed.

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SLOPE, noun. An elevated geological formation; "he climbed the steep slope"; "the house was built on the side of a mountain".
SLOPE, noun. The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal; "a five-degree gradient".
SLOPE, verb. Be at an angle; "The terrain sloped down".

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