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MEADOW, noun. A field or pasture; a piece of land covered or cultivated with grass, usually intended to be mown for hay; an area of low-lying vegetation, especially near a river.
MEADOW, noun. Low land covered with coarse grass or rank herbage near rivers and in marshy places by the sea.
MEADOW, proper noun. A town in Texas.
MEADOW, proper noun. A town in Utah.
MEADOW BARLEY, noun. Hordeum brachyantherum, a species of barley.
MEADOW BROWN, noun. A common, orange and brown butterfly, Maniola jurtina, of the family Nymphalidae.
MEADOW BROWNS, noun. Plural of meadow brown
MEADOW HAY, noun. A plant of the species Spartina patens, a cordgrass native to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the Americas.
MEADOW HORSETAIL, noun. A plant in the taxonomic genus Equisetum (horsetails); Equisetum pratense.
MEADOW HORSETAILS, noun. Plural of meadow horsetail
MEADOW MARI, proper noun. A standardized dialect of the Mari language used mainly in the European part of the Russian Federation.
MEADOW MUFFIN, noun. (informal) (US) cow pat
MEADOW PIPIT, noun. A small passerine bird, Anthus pratensis
MEADOW PIPITS, noun. Plural of meadow pipit
MEADOW SAFFRON, noun. Colchicum autumnale, a fall-blooming colchicum.
MEADOW VOLE, noun. A small rodent (Microtus pennsylvanicus), native to the United States.

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MEADOW, noun. A field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay.

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