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GROVE, noun. A small forest.
GROVE, noun. An orchard of fruit trees.
GROVE, noun. (Druidism) (Wicca) A place of worship.
GROVE, verb. To cultivate in groves; to grow naturally so as to form groves.
GROVE, verb. (forestry) (of trees) To cultivate with periodic harvesting that also serves to create order (gaps and lines of trees) to facilitate further harvesting.
GROVE, verb. To plough or gouge with lines.
GROVE, proper noun. A habitational surname​ for someone who lived near a grove.
GROVE SNAIL, noun. Cepaea nemoralis, one of the most common species of landsnail in Europe, with a dark brown lip to its shell.

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GROVE, noun. A small growth of trees without underbrush.
GROVE, noun. Garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth.

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