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POND, noun. An inland body of standing water, either natural or man-made, that is smaller than a lake.
POND, noun. (colloquial) The Atlantic Ocean. Especially in across the pond.
POND, verb. To block the flow of water so that it can escape only through evaporation or seepage; to dam.
POND, verb. To make into a pond; to collect, as water, in a pond by damming.
POND, verb. (obsolete) To ponder.
POND, proper noun. A surname​.
POND DAMSELFLY, noun. A type of damselfly of the family Coenagrionidae
POND HERON, noun. A heron of the genus Ardeola.
POND HERONS, noun. Plural of pond heron
POND HOCKEY, noun. (sports) a form of ice hockey played outdoors on the surface of a frozen lake or pond, or other body of water.
POND LILY, noun. Alternative form of pondlily
POND SCUM, noun. Worthless, insignificant person or people.
POND TURTLE, noun. A turtle of the genera of the Emydidae family.
POND TURTLE, noun. The giant Asian pond turtle, Heosemys grandis.
POND TURTLE, noun. A turtle of the genus Mauremys.
POND TURTLE, noun. The Philippine forest turtle or Leyte pond turtle (Heosemys leytensis).
POND TURTLES, noun. Plural of pond turtle

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POND, noun. A small lake; "the pond was too small for sailing".

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