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HYDRAULIC, adjective. Pertaining to water
HYDRAULIC, adjective. Related to hydraulics
HYDRAULIC, verb. (transitive) To mine using the technique of hydraulic mining.
HYDRAULIC CEMENT, noun. A cement or mortar made of hydraulic lime, which will harden underwater.
HYDRAULIC CONDUCTIVITY, noun. (geology) A material property (e.g., for rocks or soil) that describes the rate which water can flow through pore spaces or fractures. SI units: m/s. Symbol: K.
HYDRAULIC FRACTURING, noun. (oil drilling) A technique in which a mixture of water and sand is forced down an oil well (or similar) in order to create fractures in the oil-bearing rock and thus release more oil.
HYDRAULIC LIME, noun. Quicklime obtained from hydraulic limestone, and used for cementing underwater, etc.
HYDRAULIC LIMESTONE, noun. A limestone which contains some clay, and which yields a quicklime that will set, or form a firm, strong mass, underwater.
HYDRAULIC MINING, noun. A form of mining that uses pressurized water jets to dislodge rock or move sediment.
HYDRAULIC ORGAN, noun. Synonym of water organ.
HYDRAULIC ORGANS, noun. Plural of hydraulic organ
HYDRAULIC RADIUS, noun. (hydraulics) In a pipe or channel, the ratio of the cross-sectional area to the wetted perimeter. For a full pipe, this is half the radius.
HYDRAULIC RAM, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see hydraulic,‎ ram.
HYDRAULIC RAM, noun. A water pump in which a flow of water is intermittently halted by a valve so that the flow is forced upward through an open pipe, usually into a reservoir.
HYDRAULIC RETENTION TIME, noun. A measure of the average length of time that a soluble compound remains in a constructed reactor
HYDRAULIC RETENTION TIMES, noun. Plural of hydraulic retention time

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HYDRAULIC, adjective. Moved or operated or effected by liquid (water or oil); "hydraulic erosion"; "hydraulic brakes".
HYDRAULIC, adjective. Of or relating to the study of hydraulics; "hydraulic engineer".

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