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FITTED, verb. Simple past tense of fit (to tailor, change size)
FITTED, verb. Past participle of fit (to tailor, change size)
FITTED, adjective. (of a kitchen, bathroom, etc.) Incorporating all of the fittings into connected units.
FITTED CAP, noun. (US) A cap that is not elasticated or adjustable at the back.
FITTED OUT, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of fit out
FITTED SHEET, noun. A sheet tailored to form pocket for a mattress with elastic edges that is suitable for a range of mattress sizes. The edge may also contain a drawstring to secure the sheet more firmly and enable use on a wider range of mattress thickness.
FITTED SHEETS, noun. Plural of fitted sheet

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FITTED, adjective. Being the right size and shape to fit as desired; "a fitted overcoat"; "he quickly assembled the fitted pieces".

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