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SKID, noun. An out-of-control sliding motion as would result from applying the brakes too hard in a car.
SKID, noun. A shoe or clog, as of iron, attached to a chain, and placed under the wheel of a wagon to prevent its turning when descending a steep hill; a drag; a skidpan.
SKID, noun. (by extension) A hook attached to a chain, used for the same purpose.
SKID, noun. A piece of timber or other material used as a support, or to receive pressure.
SKID, noun. A runner of a sled.
SKID, noun. A ski-shaped runner or supporting surface as found on a helicopter or other aircraft in place of wheels.
SKID, noun. A basic platform for the storage and transport of goods, machinery or equipment, later developed into the pallet.
SKID, noun. (nautical) (in the plural) Large fenders hung over a vessel's side to protect it when handling cargo.
SKID, noun. One of a pair of horizontal rails or timbers for supporting anything, such as a boat or barrel.
SKID, verb. (intransitive) To slide in an uncontrolled manner as in a car with the brakes applied too hard.
SKID, verb. (transitive) To protect or support with a skid or skids.
SKID, verb. (transitive) To cause to move on skids.
SKID, verb. (transitive) To check or halt (wagon wheels, etc.) with a skid.
SKID FLIP, noun. (tenpin bowling) A bowl where the ball skids a long way before it starts to roll
SKID LID, noun. (UK slang) motorbike (motorcycle) helmet
SKID MARK, noun. A long black mark left on a road surface from the sliding or skidding tires of a motor vehicle that has lost traction.
SKID MARK, noun. Any other mark or stain left on a surface from a sliding or rubbing object.
SKID MARK, noun. (colloquial) (humorous) (euphemistic) A visible feces stain left on underpants, trousers, or sometimes the toilet bowl ; the mark of a soiled finger wiped on a surface.
SKID MARK, noun. Any burn on the skin caused by scraping the skin against a surface.
SKID MARKS, noun. Plural of skid mark
SKID ROAD, noun. (US) (forestry) A rough cleared right of way with logs embedded cross-wise on which logs being harvested would slide or be dragged or skidded.
SKID ROAD, noun. (US) (forestry) A street with facilities suitable for the recreational needs of lumberjacks.
SKID ROW, noun. An especially dilapidated section of a city, characterized by run-down or abandoned buildings, alcoholism and homelessness, and vices such as drug dealing and prostitution.
SKID ROW, noun. A colloquial designation of a run-down district of Los Angeles.

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SKID, noun. One of a pair of planks used to make a track for rolling or sliding objects.
SKID, noun. A restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel's rotation.
SKID, noun. An unexpected slide.
SKID, verb. Slide without control; "the car skidded in the curve on the wet road".
SKID, verb. Elevate onto skids.
SKID, verb. Apply a brake or skid to.
SKID, verb. Move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner; "the wheels skidded against the sidewalk".

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