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BOUNCING, adjective. Healthy; vigorous.
BOUNCING, adjective. (obsolete) excessive; big
BOUNCING, verb. Present participle of bounce
BOUNCING, noun. The act of something that bounces.
BOUNCING BET, noun. Saponaria officinalis, the common soapwort.
BOUNCING BETS, noun. Plural of bouncing Bet
BOUNCING BETTIES, noun. Plural of bouncing Betty
BOUNCING BETTY, noun. (military) (informal) A land mine which is propelled a meter or two into the air before exploding to increase the amount of damage inflicted on surrounding troops.
BOUNCING BOMB, noun. A bomb designed to bounce to a target across water in a calculated manner, in order to avoid obstacles and allow the bomb's speed and detonation time to be pre-determined.
BOUNCING BOMBS, noun. Plural of bouncing bomb
BOUNCING CASTLE, noun. A large inflatable structure, resembling a castle etc., on which children jump and play.
BOUNCING CASTLES, noun. Plural of bouncing castle
BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS, verb. Present participle of bounce off the walls

Dictionary definition

BOUNCING, noun. Rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts).
BOUNCING, adjective. Vigorously healthy; "a bouncing baby".
BOUNCING, adjective. Marked by lively action; "a bouncing gait"; "bouncy tunes"; "the peppy and interesting talk"; "a spirited dance".

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