Associations to the word «Betty»


BETTY, noun. (slang) (slightly pejorative) An attractive woman; a babe.
BETTY, noun. A short bar used by thieves to wrench doors open; a jemmy.
BETTY, noun. (archaic) (derogatory) A man who interferes with the duties of women in a household, or who occupies himself with womanish matters.
BETTY, noun. (US) (archaic) A pear-shaped bottle covered with straw, in which olive oil is sometimes brought from Italy; a Florence flask.
BETTY, proper noun. A diminutive of the   female given name Elizabeth.
BETTY BOOP, proper noun. (trademark) A fictional female entertainer introduced in 1930s cartoons, characterized by a high-pitched singing and speaking voice, short and curly black hair, and sexually provocative clothing, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

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