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SALLY, noun. A willow
SALLY, noun. Any tree that looks like a willow
SALLY, noun. An object made from the above trees' wood
SALLY, noun. A sortie of troops from a besieged place against an enemy.
SALLY, noun. A sudden rushing forth.
SALLY, noun. (figuratively) A witty statement or quip, usually at the expense of one's interlocutor.
SALLY, noun. An excursion or side trip.
SALLY, noun. A tufted woollen part of a bellrope, used to provide grip when ringing a bell.
SALLY, verb. (intransitive) To make a sudden attack on an enemy from a defended position.
SALLY, verb. (intransitive) To set out on an excursion; venture; depart (often followed by "forth.")
SALLY, verb. (intransitive) To venture off the beaten path.
SALLY, noun. (New Zealand) (slang) A member of the Salvation Army.
SALLY, proper noun. A diminutive of the   female given name Sarah, also used as a formal given name.
SALLY, proper noun. (British) A nickname for the Salvation Army
SALLY ANN, proper noun. (informal) (Canada) (British) The Salvation Army.
SALLY ARMY, proper noun. (informal) (British) The Salvation Army.
SALLY LUNN, noun. A sweetened type of bread which is leavened with yeast.
SALLY LUNNS, noun. Plural of Sally Lunn
SALLY PORT, noun. A small door in a fort or a castle to enable a sally; a postern.
SALLY PORT, noun. An entryway controlled by two doors or gates, of which each must be closed before the other can open.
SALLY PORTS, noun. Plural of sally port

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SALLY, noun. Witty remark.
SALLY, noun. A military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position.
SALLY, noun. A venture off the beaten path; "a sally into the wide world beyond his home".

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