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ERRAND, noun. A trip to accomplish a small mission or to do some business (dropping items by, doing paperwork, going to a friend's house, etc.)
ERRAND, noun. The purpose of such trip.
ERRAND, noun. An oral message trusted to a person for delivery.
ERRAND, verb. (transitive) To send someone on an errand.
ERRAND, verb. (intransitive) To go on an errand.
ERRAND BOY, noun. A male employed to run errands.
ERRAND BOY, noun. (management) (pejorative) Someone nominally in a responsible position who performs relatively menial tasks for a senior manager.
ERRAND BOYS, noun. Plural of errand boy
ERRAND GHOST, noun. Alternative form of errand-ghost

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ERRAND, noun. A short trip that is taken in the performance of a necessary task or mission.

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