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SIEGE, noun. (heading) A seat.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) A seat, especially as used by someone of importance or authority.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) An ecclesiastical see.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) The place where one has his seat; a home, residence, domain, empire.
SIEGE, noun. The seat of a heron while looking out for prey; a flock of heron.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) A privy or lavatory.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) The anus; the rectum.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) Excrements, stool, fecal matter.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) Rank; grade; station; estimation.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) The floor of a glass-furnace.
SIEGE, noun. (obsolete) A workman's bench.
SIEGE, noun. (heading) Military action.
SIEGE, noun. A prolonged military assault or a blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by force or attrition.
SIEGE, noun. (US) A period of struggle or difficulty, especially from illness.
SIEGE, noun. (figuratively) A prolonged assault or attack.
SIEGE, verb. (transitive) To assault a blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by force or attrition; to besiege.
SIEGE ENGINE, noun. A large weapon of war used, during medieval times, to batter fortifications.
SIEGE TOWER, noun. (historical) A siege weapon, consisting of a wheeled wooden tower with ladders inside, which was parked next to walls so assailants may safely scale them.
SIEGE WARFARE, noun. Warfare in which the defender is trapped in a position (such as a fort or castle) while the attacker bombards and/or barricades them from outside.
SIEGE WEAPON, noun. A weapon (usually very large) used by the aggressor in siege warfare. Examples include trebuchets, catapults, cannon, etc.
SIEGE WEAPONS, noun. Plural of siege weapon

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SIEGE, noun. The action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place and isolates it while continuing to attack.

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