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BOMBARD, noun. A medieval primitive cannon, used chiefly in sieges for throwing heavy stone balls.
BOMBARD, noun. (obsolete) a bassoon-like medieval instrument
BOMBARD, noun. (obsolete) a large liquor container made of leather, in the form of a jug or a bottle.
BOMBARD, noun. (poetic) (rare) A bombardment.
BOMBARD, noun. (music) A bombardon.
BOMBARD, verb. To attack something with bombs, artillery shells or other missiles or projectiles.
BOMBARD, verb. (figuratively) To attack something or someone by directing objects at them.
BOMBARD, verb. (physics) To direct at a substance an intense stream of high-energy particles, usually sub-atomic or made of at most a few atoms.
BOMBARD PHRASE, noun. (obsolete) Inflated language; bombast.

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BOMBARD, noun. A large shawm; the bass member of the shawm family.
BOMBARD, verb. Cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile; "They pelted each other with snowballs".
BOMBARD, verb. Throw bombs at or attack with bombs; "The Americans bombed Dresden".
BOMBARD, verb. Address with continuously or persistently, as if with a barrage; "The speaker was barraged by an angry audience"; "The governor was bombarded with requests to grant a pardon to the convicted killer".
BOMBARD, verb. Direct high energy particles or radiation against.

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